What is the Turn Texas Blue Movement?

The Turn Texas Blue Movement is a 4-year plan to turn Texas from a red republican controlled state to a blue, democratic controlled state, with an ambitious initial goal of turning Houston, Harris County, blue by this upcoming November 2016 election.

A Message from the Organizer, Eartha Jean Johnson

The Republican Party’s endorsement of Mr. Trump not only shows they do not exercise good judgment, but makes it abundantly clear that contrary to the motto, “Putting America First,” party loyalty “trumps” putting America first.

Republicans – Party Loyalty “Trumps” Putting America First

I appreciate supporting a party’s nominee who may be less than optimal.  I cannot appreciate, however, supporting a party nominee who is unquestionably unqualified, has insulted practically every ethnicity, encourages violence, has articulated no viable plan, is uninformed on foreign policy, engages in lawsuit abuse, repeatedly files bankruptcy to avoid paying creditors, cheats his contractors, and uses character assassinations to skirt valid criticisms.

If we cannot trust the Republican Party’s judgment with a seemingly easy decision such as endorsing an unqualified president, it would be impractical to believe we could trust them with major decisions such as health care, selection of supreme court justices, civil rights and human rights.

Turning Texas Blue – A Better Texas

By turning Texas blue, we will make it a better place to for all.  We don’t have to be victims of state legislation that does not serve our interests.  Moreover, we do not have to trust our future or our children’s future in the hands of others.  If we put the right people in office and hold them accountable with our collective voting power, together we will make Texas a place where all citizens can grow and thrive.

While the movement’s overriding goal is turn Texas blue, we will only endorse candidates who share our agenda.  To the extent a democratic candidate does not share our democratic values or is does not have the necessary credentials, we will identify other candidates, as well as raise up our youth to fill voids. If you want to put individuals in control who put people above politics, we want you to become a part of this historical movement.

Judicial Awareness

This movement will include a Judicial Awareness initiative to educate voters on the credentials of judges running for office.

Call to Action

Not only would we love to have you, we also need your friends and your friends’ friends to be a part of this movement.  If you believe in equal rights and equal protection under the laws, we need you to be a part of the Turn Texas Blue Movement.  This is our time and destiny is calling. Please heed the call.

Volunteers Needed

If you are highly motivated, organized and a self-started, we would love for you to be a part of our Turn Texas Blue Movement team.

Please select committee(s) which you are interested in serving and someone will contact you:

  • Communications/Public Relations
  • Community Associations
  • Fundraising
  • Millennials
  • Phone Bank
  • Transportation
  • Voter

For registration visit this link : Volunteer Registration